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    Increase your sales

    At Jedi Sales we strive to provide a customer focused service on which they can rely on.

    Our aim is to assist our clients in their journey of increasing market, sales units and revenue growth.

    We have the resources to be able to take any product to market, using the following routes to market:

    • B2B
    • B2C
    • Door-to-door
    • Venues
    • Telesales

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    Services Provided

    At Jedi Sales Consultants we offer the following services

    We provide training and coaching programmes using proven sales techniques

    We provide a high calibre of staff to sell and market a Customers product or service

    Provide market research and intelligence gathering for your chosen market

    We also sell sales equipment such as promotional items, stands, banners, kiosks, uniforms, gazebos (branded or unbranded)

    Enable organisations to be proactive in their sales function and facilitate the generation of new sales leads

    Provide services that will assist a client in entering a new market

    Provide training to a customers in-house sales staff